5 Questions to Ask Before You Step into Your Creative Curriculum Classroom

new to the creative curriculum Aug 27, 2023

Embarking on your journey with the Creative Curriculum? It's vital to equip yourself with essential knowledge before setting foot in the classroom. Here are five critical questions to ask yourself for effective planning and preparation.

1. What Curriculum Edition Do I Have?
Identifying the edition of the Creative Curriculum you have is the first crucial step. Are you working with the 5th edition, 6th edition, or the Guided Edition? Recognizing the specific version you have will shape your lesson planning and curriculum implementation.

2. What Studies Are Available?
Each edition of the Creative Curriculum features different thematic studies. Some are original studies, while others belong to the Guided Edition or are exclusive to the Cloud. There are 32 studies, including standalone studies sold online and those in the Expanded Daily Resources. Knowing which ones you have will help you focus on what's important and relevant to your teaching.

3. Do I Have MyTS Online Access?
If you're fortunate enough to have MyTeachingStrategies (MyTS) online access, it's a game-changer. MyTS is an invaluable resource for lesson planning, GOLD assessments (if your school uses this tool), reports, and more. It can simplify your teaching life by populating lessons with a single click.

4. Do I Have Access to The Cloud?
The Cloud houses digital files and resources for the curriculum. Gaining access means not just having digital versions of print resources but also additional resources exclusive to the Cloud, including a vast digital library.

5. What Are the Fixed Time Blocks in the Day?
Understanding your daily schedule is critical. Instead of wasting precious time figuring out your schedule in the classroom, brainstorm your schedule options ahead of time. Being aware of the fixed time blocks helps you plan effectively, filling up your blocks with engaging activities and lessons.

Entering the Creative Curriculum journey begins with preparation. You're setting the groundwork for a dynamic, engaging, and thriving classroom environment by answering these five questions.